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Safe Handling - Consumers' Guide
Safe Handling – Consumers’ Guide
Preserving the Quality of Fresh, Unprocessed Whole Milk

By Peggy Beals, RN

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Who is responsible for the quality of the milk you drink?  For increasing numbers of people, the answer is, “I am.”  The expanded, 32-page edition of Safe Handling offers simple procedures for maintaining the quality of fresh, living (raw) milk to consumers who strive to take responsibility for the food they eat.  It is written for people who want to understand both the how and the why of these procedures.  Safe Handling gives an overview of the best practices of a dairy farm which are in the purview of the farmer.  It then goes on to describe hygienic measures the consumer can follow in the cleaning of milk containers, dispensing and transporting milk, and finally storing milk for consumption at home.

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